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Creativity for Peace is the leader in preparing young Israeli and Palestinian women to pave the way for peace in their communities and across borders with compassion, courage, and an understanding of the story of the other.


Creativity for Peace trains young Palestinian and Israeli women to partner as leaders by breaking down barriers of anger and prejudice, facilitating friendships, and inspiring action to promote peace.

Key Programs

  • Summer camp in New Mexico
  • Home country gatherings
  • Young Leader training and support
  • Young Leader community action
  • Young Leader peace advocacy in Israel, Palestine, the United States, and internationally


  • We are the only organization simultaneously working with young Palestinian and Israeli women on collaborative leadership and peacemaking.
  • 207 young women have participated in our program since 2003.
  • Forty Young Leaders are actively engaged in our work as public speakers, meeting organizers, program advisors, and camp counselors. Many have continuously attended training workshops and gatherings for seven-plus years.
  • Our young women have made presentations about their peacemaking work in schools, universities, the army, their communities, and international conferences, including the United Nations and World Economic Forum.


Creativity for Peace is a 501 c (3) non-profit. We are completely supported by contributions from individuals and foundations. To learn more about our Donors and Contributions, click here.

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